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Concentric Cable and Conductors for World Bank Project

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Description: Concentric Cable and Conductors for World Bank Project
Country: Dominican Republic                   
Work Scope: Material Supply 
Standard: ASTM B8,ASTM B 398、ASTM B 399
Dosense cable ran successfully the contract of Cables y conductores electricos for World Bank Project in Dominica.
Dominica faces Puerto Rico by the mona strait to the east, Haiti to the west, the Caribbean sea to the south, and the Atlantic ocean to the north.It covers an area of 48,734 square kilometers and has a population of 10.65 million.Tourism and export processing are the main pillars of the multi - economy.
Dominica is the second largest destination of Chinese exports in the Caribbean region, and China is the second largest source of Dominican imports in the world.According to Chinese customs statistics, the two-way trade volume reached us $1.871 billion in mid-2017, of which China exported us $1.703 billion and imported us $168 million, up 10.3%, 8.7% and 29.2% year-on-year, respectively.China mainly exports alloy materials, chemicals, motorcycle parts, communications equipment and food, and imports copper ore and medical equipment.
In 2018, China and Dominica established good diplomatic relations, and the two countries jointly built the Monsanto natural gas coal-fired power plant integration project, which is also the largest power project in Dominica's history.

The establishment of this project can not only effectively solve the problem of power shortage in dominica, but also promote the export of Chinese technology, equipment and so on.
How do market into Dominica project?
As experienced manufacturer, we support our local agents or work closely with EPC companines in all aspects to win the tenders and successfully supply the materials.
Moreover, we continue to cooperate with ambitious agents for more projects.

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