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Chile will launch a new round of power tenders this month

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Chile's energy commission, CNE, will launch a new electricity auction later this month to ensure the country's electricity distributors receive up to 5,250 GWh of electricity annually for residential and small and medium-sized customers by 2027.
Just before New Years Eve, CNE announced the preliminary terms and conditions of the tender.
The tender will provide domestic and international power producers, including renewable energy producers, the opportunity to enter into 15-year power purchase agreements with qualified distributors. The contracted electricity supply will run between January 1, 2027 and December 31, 2041, CNE said.
According to the auction schedule, expressions of interest to bid can be submitted until June 17, 2022. If the process ends with the first round, the results will be announced on July 4. If not, the event will advance to the second round, scheduled for July 6.
In Chile's 2021 power auction, only renewable energy companies managed to sign 15-year power purchase agreements with distributors. The five winning bidders submitted offers at an average of $23.78 (€20.94) per MWh, 27% lower than the price in the 2017 tender.
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