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What Is Difference Between ACSR/AW And ACSR?

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The difference between ACSR/AW and ACSR lies in their different steel cores. ACSR's steel core is twisted from galvanized steel wire. The aluminum clad steel wire in ACSR/AW is a bimetallic wire. It uses high temperature and high pressure to continuously extrude and coat the electrical aluminum on the high-strength steel wire, so that an aluminum-steel bonding penetration layer of about 8um thick is formed between the aluminum and steel. After the steel wire coated with the aluminum layer is repeatedly drawn by the light bimetal synchronous deforming machine, the aluminum and steel are deformed in the same proportion, so that the aluminum-steel bonding penetration layer is more uniform and firm.

What are the characteristics of ACSR/AW relative to ACSR:

1. Electromechanical characteristics

ACSR/AW has the same structural dimensions and mechanical properties as ACSR, but the weight per unit length of ACSR/AW is about 5% lighter than that of ACSR. It can be concluded that the horizontal wind load of the two is the same, but the vertical load of the former is about 5% less than that of the latter.

The DC resistance of ACSR/AW at 20°C is about 3.2% lower than that of ACSR; the guaranteed calculated breaking force of ACSR/AW is about 5.5% lower than that of ACSR.

2. Corrosion resistance

Overhead conductors are subject to galvanic corrosion in the atmosphere. In ACSR, the coating on the surface of the steel core is in contact with the aluminum wire to form electrochemical corrosion. Because the potential of the coating is lower than that of aluminum, the coating is quickly corroded, and the steel core is exposed to the atmosphere and corroded. In addition, after the coating is completely corroded, the steel core contacts with the aluminum wire to form electrochemical corrosion, and the potential of aluminum is lower than that of iron, and as a result, the aluminum wire is corroded again.

For ACSR/AW, due to the good metallurgical bonding between the aluminum and steel in the aluminum-clad steel wire, the single wires in the stranded wire are all in contact with aluminum, and there is no electrochemical corrosion between different metals, so It can greatly slow down the corrosion rate of the wire, thereby extending its service life.

It can be said that corrosion resistance is the biggest advantage of ACSR/AW.

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