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ACSR Knowledge Sharing

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The outer layer of ACSR is a multi-strand aluminum single wire wrapped around the steel wire by twisting; the steel core mainly plays the role of increasing the tensile strength, and the aluminum wire mainly plays the role of transmitting electric energy.

ACSR is mainly used in medium and high voltage transmission lines. Since the path of the line is limited and multiple lines cannot be erected on one road, people have come up with a path, and one tower hangs multiple steel-core aluminum stranded wires.

That is, one line is equivalent to the method of erecting multiple lines; for 220KV, 500KV, 800KV, 1000KV lines, my country adopts the method of hanging four or six wires (four-wire, six-wire method). .

Advantages: ACSR has the advantages of simple structure, convenient erection and maintenance, low cost, large transmission capacity and long distance, and is also conducive to the erection of special geographical conditions such as rivers and valleys.

It has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity and sufficient mechanical strength, tensile strength, and the distance of the tower can be enlarged. Therefore, it is widely used in overhead transmission and distribution lines of various voltage levels.

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