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SeaMeWe-6 Submarine Cable System Starts Construction

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The Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 6 (SeaMeWe-6) consortium announced on February 21 2022 that the construction of a 19,200-kilometer submarine optical cable system connecting various countries and regions between Singapore and France has begun.


The SeaMeWe-6 consortium includes Bangladesh Submarine Cable, Bharti Airtel, Malpes telecom service provider Dhiraagu, Djibouti Telecom, Mobily, Orange Group, Singtel, Sri Lanka Telecom, Telecom Egypt, Telekom Malaysia, Telin and Transworld Associates.


SeaMeWe-6 will have more fiber pairs and more than double the capacity compared to previous SeaMeWe cables. The new submarine cable will traverse Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malpes, India, Pakistan, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2025.

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