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Optical fiber composite ground wire OPGW



Optical fiber composite ground wire a pplication Optical fiber composite ground wire OPGW is suitable for installation on new power lines with double function of ground wire and communication. Especially for installation on normal voitage a...

Optical fiber composite ground wire(Optical fiber ground wire)


Optical fiber composite ground wire OPGW is suitable to be installed on new power cables with dual functions of grounding and communication. Especially suitable for installation on normal voltage and ultra high voltage transmission lines. OPGW can replace conventional ground lines of power lines by adding fiber optic communication capabilities. They conduct short-circuit current and provide lightning protection.
1. Up to 144 fibers, Common products OPGW 12/16/24/36/48 Core Fiber optic Cable
2. The diameter and weight of the cable are similar to another ground wire. The tower has less additional load and high tensile strength.
3. High quality stainless steel pipe stranding technology, so that the fiber has a good secondary redundant length, so that the fiber in the tube free movement. Keep the fibers free of stress when the cable is subjected to longitudinal stress.
4. The optical fiber is protected by stainless steel tubes.
5. Excellent safety and good bullet resistance.
6. The stranded design of ACSW, AAW and SST provides a wide range of electrical conductivity and mechanical tensile strength combinations.
Superior lightning resistance
• Fewer aluminum alloy (AA) wires need to meet electrical specifications
• More/heavier ACS cables can be used
• In some applications, the AA line can be completely replaced by the ACS line
Extruded aluminum core tube
• Good compression resistance and kink resistance
• Core tubing can be safely and easily mounted to closed tubing without armor
• Easy access to the optical core Superior Electrical properties
• Aluminum core tube greatly increases conductor cross section
• Improve short circuit capacity
High performance. Even if it's high in fiber
• All fibers are encapsulated in core tubes
• Wide range of inner diameter of core tube
• High count design of armored wire without fiber tube replacement
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