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TCWB Twisted Pair PVC Cable LiYCY

Brand: LiYCY Cable

Category:Control Cable/Instrument Cable

TCWB Twisted Pair PVC Cable LiYCY cable -Application LiYCY cable is by construction CU/PVC/TCWB/PVC twisted pair PVC cables which are used in low-voltage electrical appliances such as bridge grounding wire bus special for cars high-sp...


TCWB Twisted Pair PVC Cable LiYCY cable -Application

LiYCY cable is by construction, CU/PVC/TCWB/PVC twisted pair PVC cables, which are used in low-voltage electrical appliances, such as bridge grounding wire, bus, special for cars, high-speed cars, trailers, buses, and other large models of soft bonding. TCWB screened flexible control cable can also be used in electrical karma, mechanical equipment industry, for example, mainly used in power plants, power stations, electrolytic aluminum plants, non-ferrous metals, graphite carbon, chemical metallurgy and other industries

TCWB Twisted Pair Control Cable LiYCY cable -Construction

Rated Voltage 250V-500V
Conductor Plain copper wire, class 5, flexible conductor
Insulation PVC insulation
Filling Material PP rope
Wrapper Plastic Foil Tape
Screen Materials Tinned Copper Wire Braid
Outer Jacket PVC Sheath
Number of Pairs Generally 2pairs, 3pairs, 4pairs, 5pairs, 6pairs, 8pairs, 10pairs, 12pairs, 16pairs.
Remark: We could make two cores as one pair, or three cores as a group, or four cores as a group, depending on end user industrial requirement
Core Sizes 0.14mm2, 0.25mm2, 0.34mm2, 0.5mm2, 0.75mm2,other sizes available

TCWB Twisted Pair PVC Cable LiYCY cable -Standard

LiYCY cable is produced as per VDE 0812 and 0814; IEC 60754-1 PVC Cable Flame Retardant according to: IEC/EN 60332-1-2

TCWB Twisted Pair PVC Cable LiYCY cable -Advantage

As shielding layer of the control cable, there is difference between the plain copper wire braided and tinned copper wire braided screen.The tinned copper wire braided could act as insulation layer, which is to prevent the current along the radial leakage. Therefore, TCWB screened instrument cables ensure the use of safety, with good electrical insulation performance, heat resistance and mechanical strength. Tinned copper screen is used to improve strength and avoid copper oxidation and corrosion. Improve weldability and reliability.

Dosense Cable have rich experience in manufacturing TCWB Twisted Pair PVC Cable LiYCY cable as per VDE , IEC, ASTM, NFC etc and supporting customers from different industry with customized CY Cable,SY cables,YY Cable, LiYCY cables to meet different specification, standards, and application, such as different cores, sizes and instrument cables with tinned steel tape armoured cable, different insulation materials , marking sheath color, etc.

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