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8000 series aluminum alloy concentric cable

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The 8000 series aluminum alloy concentric cable and copper concentric cable application for ASTM standard...


The 8000 series aluminum alloy concentric cable and copper concentric cable application for ASTM standard


The 8000 series aluminum alloy concentric cable and copper concentric cable is used in electric service entrance from the power distribution network to the meter pannel(especially where it is required to prevent electricity theft), and as feeder cable from the meter pannel to the distribution pannel.

This cable an be used in dry and wet places, outdoors or directly buried.It has a maximum operating temperature of 90ºC and rated voltage of 600V&below.
Concentric cable refers to a cable with two concentric conductors, and the conductor and the shield layer share the same axis. It is usually used in distribution networks, current surface boards, meters or circuit panels, which can be placed directly underground or outdoors , Even suitable for dry and humid environments, can support high-bandwidth communications on relatively long lines without repeaters.


ASTM B800, ASTM B801, ASTM D 2655, ASTM B556, ASTM B193,UL 44,UL 1581, UL 854,NEC Numeral 310.14


Conductor: Solid or stranded copper/aluminum conductor/8000 aluminum alloy concentric cable
Insulation: XLPE, PE, or PVC
For cables of two-phase or three-phase conductors, round or flat shape available
Inner Covering: PVC 
Concentric layer: Helically layed copper/aluminum wires/8000 series aluminum alloy
Wrapping tape
Outer Jacket: Black XLPE, PE, or PVC jacket

Available Size

2*8AWG, 2*6 AWG, 2*4AWG, 2*2AWG, 2*1/0AWG, 2*2/0AWG,
3*8AWG, 3*6AWG, 3*4AWG, 3*2AWG, 3*1/0AWG, 3*2/0AWG,
4*8AWG, 4*6AWG, 4*4AWG,4*2AWG and so on

ABC Cable Characteristics
Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um): 0.6/1kV (1.2kV)
Temperature Rating: Max conductor temperatures 90ºC at continuous service,130ºC overloaded, 250ºC at short-circuit.

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